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-Body types and chassis can be mixed and matched but to reiterate, NO SLAB BODIES ALLOWED...

-For clarification, the rules state that "Cast iron 76cc OEM heads only" may be used and we are aware that the Dart #10021070 head is a 72cc head...This aftermarket OEM replacement head was listed by mistake in the original rules in 2022 and moving forward we didn't want to delete this head from the rules and cause anyone using this head problems because of our mistake.

-Firewall graphics and info listed below...

-Tailpieces...The rules state that "Stock appearing plastic nose and tail allowed but must match make of car/body" but the rules are not absolutely clear that you MUST RUN A TAILPIECE!  You can run a stock body/deck lid/rear bumper OR a stock appearing plastic tail piece OR an aftermarket shop built body but you MUST RUN A TAILPIECE of some sort...Absolutely no open rear deck lids that resemble a Late Model or Modified.

-TIRES...Asphalt Take Offs ONLY...Tires must be "spec'd" by manufacturer as an asphalt tire...No tires "spec'd" by manufacturer as a dirt tire will be allowed no matter how much fairy dust you sprinkle on them.

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